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With more than five decades of combined experience in the Life Sciences and Manufacturing industries, we bring unmatched expertise to elevate your Customer Experience Maturity.

Our Business Blueprints empower companies to excel in CX, Sales Enablement, and Customer Data Management. Through cutting-edge outsourcing solutions within our Growth Services, built on proven use cases, we rapidly enhance Marketing, Sales, and Service efficiency on a scalable level.

Our projects are masterfully overseen by industry experts, exclusively dedicated to your industry sectors. Our partners and subject matter experts have an extensive, successful track record within your industries.

As the world steadily renews, the imperative for life science and manufacturing enterprises to uphold agility, drive innovation, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences while ensuring lasting profitability cannot be overstated. Yet, the challenge lies in the loss of customer-facing interactions, a burden that reverberates across marketing, sales, and service realms, demanding companies to not only weather the storm but to strengthen process efficiency throughout the Inquiry to Cash process and run an economically sound operation to truly succeed in these challenging times.

Benjamin Reimann

CEO, Growth Officer

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We are an outsourcing firm, personally accountable for managing multi-million dollar endeavours. With a focus on robust deployment, leveraging strong human intelligence, and data-driven decision-making, we are dedicated to assisting companies in overcoming critical challenges in marketing, sales, and service operations. Let us help you navigate the path to success, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable growth.

We are a research firm, we strongly believe that great services and solutions are built on understanding the needs and the desires of your customers in the marketplace. So everything we do is build on discovery first.

With our own CX Maturity Study, we allow companies to understand their organization CX health, strengths and weaknesses, and provide critical industry benchmarks to be able to make suggestions that sets you apart Marketing, Sales and Service Operations.

As a consulting firm, our years of experience have highlighted a crucial insight: major endeavors such as Digitalization often face hurdles due to fundamental underlying issues. The absence of appropriate Blueprints can significantly hinder the pace of improvement. That’s why we’ve diligently developed and consistently refined readily implementable Blueprint modules. These modules are designed to expedite lengthy conceptual phases and offer you the precise formulas for success. Initiating with our CX and Customer Master Data Management solutions, we’re merely scratching the surface. Our ongoing efforts extend to crafting solutions for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and Sales Enablement, all with a focus on speed and dependability.

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Stack up: Our comprehensive CX Blueprint combined with a Relational Customer Study uncovers critical insights from initial inquiry to order entry.

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Benjamin Reimann

CEO, Growth Officer


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Headquartered in the UAE, we have strategically positioned operations hubs in Eastern Europe and South East Asia, along with partner offices in Switzerland. This global presence enables us to provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that can scale your business while staying close to your operations.


IFZA Business Park
DDP Premises Number 29526 -001
Dubai, UAE

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Growth Hub South East Asia

211, Vipul Tech Square
Golf Course Road, Sec-43
Gurugram – 122 00

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