What’s the problem?

Customer data is spiraling out of control, and costs are skyrocketing. Life science manufacturers and lab suppliers face overwhelming data each year and increasing regulatory demands such as GDPR and Data Privacy Directives. Meanwhile, customers expect more personalized messaging. Our research shows that 87% of commercial leaders in life science state that their customer data is insufficient, with 45% having no plan to address the issue by 2024. This lack of data control significantly impacts marketing campaigns and go-to-market initiatives, decreasing customer-facing time for sales and making sales and service operations increasingly inefficient.

What we offer

With Data Quality As-A-Service, we offer a tailored solution to continuously managing your customer data: plug and play our data experts to take complete control. Our off-the-shelf industry use cases cover many options for data organizations, marketing-, sales- and service teams. Whether you need to improve the quality of your data, maintain compliance, or save time and resources, our experts will handle the job for you. CXECO is a trusted partner for Life Science and other Manufacturing Industries to keep your data in check and your business running smoothly.

Supercharge your Commercial Operations

Stack-Up your Game

1) Free your sales team: Say goodbye to time-consuming data cleansing and reclaim customer-facing moments.

2) Expert guidance awaits: Discover our winning Customer Data Management Blueprint for Life Sciences and other Manufacturing Industries.

3) Access a whole team of experts: No need to hunt for a superhuman; we Stack-Up subject matter experts for maximum productivity.

Solutions we offer

Harmominze your Account Information

Achieve unparalleled data consistency and comparability with Base+ as we harmonize and standardise your datasets. By aligning all records to a uniform format, we ensure seamless data comparison and guarantee the success of your cleansing efforts.

Address Validation for Prospects and Customers

Leave no room for inaccuracies! Our Address Validation service meticulously verifies and updates your entire customer database. We combine cutting edge technology with a high degree of manual data opps efforts to guarantee you the best results in the LifeSiceince and other Manufacturing Industry. We ensure + 90% DQI giving you the confidence of working with pristine customer data.

Deduplication and Merging of Account Information

Experience unparalleled data integrity as we eliminate duplicate entries from your customer database. Our unique De-Duplication model combines advanced algorithms and manual checks for exceptional accuracy. Streamline your approval process with collaborative reviews, ensuring alignment with your business requirements. Effortlessly migrate your refined customer data into various systems for up-to-date and accurate information. Trust CXECO to revolutionise your data integrity and enhance your operations.

Address Validation
Address Validation

Validate and enhance your Marketing Contact Data base

Take control back of your Marketing Data. Our comprehensive Data Quality Services allows you to validate, enrich, and add key decision makers to your data base. Make sure you are reaching the right people at the right time, every time. We build a strong segmentation base allowing you to fully maximise the impact of your marketing efforts.

Optimise Your Marketing Outreach with Email Health

Ensure the success of your marketing campaigns and protect your reputation by continuously validating the health of your email lists. With our email health validation, you can increase your marketing outreach results and prevent blacklisting. Don't wait until it's too late to take control of your data. Take the first step towards maximising the impact of your marketing efforts Is now

Cutting through Marketing Tool Costs with Low Engage +

Reduce Marketing Tool Costs with Low Engage+ and keep your Marketing Data Base tidy. Our engagement sequence combines digital and personal outreach helping you to cut down on the costs associated with marketing tools, while at the same time maximising the quality of your contact data.

Harmonize and Standardise
Contact Data Base
Address Validation
Email Health
Customer Hierarchy
Low Engage +

Onboard your lead data in CRM

Don't let the task of managing customer data overwhelm you, especially when moving customer data in your CRM system with thousands of existing accounts and contacts. Let our data specialists take control by handling the continuous onboarding of your data. This will not only free up your sales team's time and reduce frustration, but also help you get your data quality issues under control for good. No more sifting through lists of potential matches and worrying about duplications.

360 Picture - Bigger picture better information better first impression counts

Improve the success of your sales team and increase the chances of high-quality engagement with your clients by using address check and contact enrichment to enhance the quality of your data. Don't let incomplete or incorrect information stand in the way of making a strong first impression. We help you eliminate frustration and achieve the results you desire.

De-duplication Model
Duplication Tech Stack
360 Picture

Enhance your Service Revenue Potential

Struggling to identify equipment status, configuration, usage, key decision makers. Looks no further. Combing best in class research, B2B data Intelligence and our service enablement team, we will bring you back on track in no time. (Impact on Complaint Handling, Up-Selling, Cross-Selling Potential)

Prevent Customer Life Cycle Data Decay

Don't let your customer data decay by 20%! Take control of your service customer data throughout their entire lifecycle. With our comprehensive solution, you can continuously validate, enrich, and update your key decision makers in your database. Ensure you're reaching the right people during the warranty period to maximize service revenues, and capitalize on upselling and cross-selling opportunities after the warranty expires. Stay ahead of data decay

Data Journey Mapping
Service Revenue Potential
Data Quality Meassure
Life Cycle Data

Stack-Up: Continuous customer data cleansing support at various critical data touchpoints to sustain data quality for marketing, sales, and service to more than 90% DQI.

Clients - Stack up Choices

See how our clients combine their Data As-A-Service resources with other winning use cases.

Ways to talk with us

Video Call

Talk to our Industry Expert

45 min

Are you looking to improve your Customer Data Integrity? Book a 45-minute call with our CMD industry experts with a successful track record of implementing and growing CMD programs globally. During the call, we’ll share our input on Data Integrity and provide you with valuable insights on the way forward. Don’t wait – schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Video Call

Customer Data Management Audit Lite

30 min

Validating the maturity of your Customer Master Data Blueprint, whether in the initial cleansing phase or ongoing efforts, our CMD Audit Lite stands ready. Engaging in a comprehensive Data Quality Assessment it delves deep into your current CMD landscape, yielding profound insights. Through meticulous analysis, we’ll present a business plan that demonstrates the tangible impact of our Data Quality on your present business operations. A customized game plan tailored to your unique requirements will further elevate your project funding prospects.