What’s the problem?

Marketing events in the life sciences industry can be a complex and challenging task, with several unique considerations that must be taken into account. These considerations include reaching the right audience by identifying key influencers and decision-makers in the industry, ensuring scientific accuracy, managing regulatory compliance, and dealing with logistics and tighter marketing budgets.

The high average investment per booth at trade shows in the United States - $261,973 according to a survey by the Trade Show Executive - only adds to the pressure to succeed. CMOs in the life sciences industry are constantly challenged with creating an interactive and educational trade-show presence that stands out among the hundreds of other suppliers at events like SLAS, AACC, and Analytica. But even with the best marketing efforts, providing seamless engagement before, during, and after the show can take time and effort. Well, and then there is the follow-up - Our industry study shows that it takes an average of 5.6 days for leads to be followed up by the sales team after a trade show. This delay can significantly impact the success of a marketing campaign and the ability to convert leads into sales. The power of promptness must be considered, as timely follow-up with event leads can provide a competitive advantage in the crowded and competitive life sciences industry.

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What we offer

At CXECO, we offer a dedicated event marketing solution specifically designed for the life sciences industry. Our solution includes the identification of critical decision-makers, targeted marketing outreach, a digital lead generation tool, and a personalized CRM funnel system for rapid engagement with trade show leads, combining digital and personal engagement pre-, during, and after the event. We boost # of appointments and lead conversations to set you apart from your competition. Improve your event marketing with CXECO Event Marketing As-A-Service.

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1) Free your Marketing Team from time-consuming operational tasks

2) Experience the guidance of Industry Experts through our winning Event Growth Plans, tailored to Life Sciences and other industry sectors (Blueprint).

3) Access a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts working directly from within our CXECOsystem.

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Stack-Up: Elevating Event Engagement & igniting RTF Vials' Success through Strategic Sales Growth Plan!

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Looking to improve your Event Engagement? Book a 45-minute call with your Industry experts who have a successful track record of implementing and growing Event Growth Plans within Global Cooperations like Tecan, Bruker, VWR or Buhler AG. During the call, we’ll share our input on how you can boost Event Engagement Pre- During and After your Everent. In a short Discovery Audit we identify ciritcal shortcomming and provide you with counter meassures to improve your Expeerience going forwad – Don’t wait schedule your complementary consultation today!

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Event Engagement Audit! Unleash the true potential of event engagement. Engage in a personalized strategy session with our industry experts who will delve into your business intricacies, pinpointing obstacles that hinder your path to event engagement success. From vertical and ICP mapping, target ICP data integrity, design of engagement sequence, to game plan – we’ll collaborate to forge a robust event-enablement strategy in alignment with your GTM plans. This is your moment to catalyze marketing and sales expansion. Secure your Event Engagement Session today and propel your business to unprecedented heights.