The Client

As part of Gerresheimer AG, a global company specializing in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging solutions, Gerresheimer GX Biological Solutions specifically focuses on providing innovative solutions and services goal is to support biotech companies in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of biological substances and products throughout the entice lifecycle, from development to manufacturing and distribution.

The Initial Idea

Prior to engaging CXECO, Gerresheimer was in the process of considering the recruitment of a sales enablement resource to bolster the newly established GX Biological Solutions Unit. The primary objective was to address the challenges associated with sales efficiency. However, concerns arose due to the protracted nature of the hiring process.

Upon closer examination, a multitude of issues emerged from data analysis, research, prospecting, marketing operations support, and lead qualification. It became apparent that a single role might not be sufficient to tackle the diverse array of problems identified. This initial situation prompted the need for a comprehensive strategy to optimize sales operations and enhance overall efficiency.

The Challenge

Limited Acces to Pharma & Biotech Community

Pre-, During-, and After- Event Engagement lacking

Boost Sales Growth Plan for Product Portfolio, RTF Vials

Use case

Discovery & Market Visibility

Discovery & Market Visibility

Profile Based Research Structural Analysis
Event Engagement

Event Engagement

Data Enrichment Data Validation Data Onboarding
Data Integrity +

Data Integrity +

Enhance Mkt. Data Base Customer Data Life Cycle Email Health Low Engagement + Lead Onboarding CRM Customer 360 Account, Contact, Equipment Data
Marketing & Sales Growth Plan

Marketing & Sales Growth Plan

Marketing Operations Channel & Content Lead Gen & Conversion Pages SLAs Voice + Sales Enablement (Lead Follow-up) Discovery (ICP)

The Role Stack-Up

Role Benchmark

Insight sales role (US)

$ 102,677/year


Stack-up Solution
Starting $49.000 year





Flexible Use Cases




Role Stack (year)


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