What’s the problem?

Is the Voice of Customer (VoC) Operations overwhelming your CX Manager and hindering their ability to focus on strategic initiatives? Are they spending precious time and resources on capturing and analyzing customer feedback instead of shaping customer-centric strategies?

Engaging customers in regular surveys is crucial for understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points throughout the experience with you. However, managing the complexity of survey administration, analyzing data, and identifying actionable insights can take time and effort.

With a streamlined VoC program, your organization may be able to identify critical trends, uncover valuable insights, and bridge the gap between customer expectations and their actual experiences. This can lead to missed
opportunities for improvement and potential dissatisfaction among your customer base.

Moreover, finding the right balance in survey frequency is critical. Too few surveys may result in incomplete data, while too many surveys can lead to survey fatigue and decreased response rates. Achieving statistical relevance requires careful planning and execution.

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What we offer

With Voice of Customer as a Service we offer a complete Voice of Customer Kit coupled with a team of subject matter experts, freeing your CX Management from the burden of day-to-day VOC operations. With our standardized design templates tailored for the Life Science industry, you can quickly and efficiently capture customer feedback at various touchpoints.

Our Touchpoint Gap methodology will provide you a clear understanding of expectations, performance and competitive Edge. Our CX Monitoring platform provides real-time visibility into customer experiences, enabling you to identify trends, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience at scale.

Our dedicated CX Industry Expert will be your trusted partners, overseeing the entire VOC Operations team and ensuring seamless execution, align with your business goals, leveraging our expertise to drive impactful change.

By leveraging our Voice of Customer as a Service solution, you can focus on what you do best: shaping customer-centric strategies, driving innovation, and fostering customer loyalty at scale.

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Supercharge your Voice of Customer Program

Stack-up your Game

1) Free Your Marketing Team from time-consuming operational tasks

2) Experience the guidance of Industry Experts utilizing our winning Customer Experience Management Blueprint.

3) Access a dedicated team of Subject Matter Experts working directly from within our CXECOsystem.

Solutions we offer

Dynamic Stack up: Crafting a Comprehensive CX Blueprint and executing a continuous VOC program at various critical Touchpoints in Sales, Service and Operations.

Clients - Stack up Choices

See how our clients combine their Market Research resources with other winning use cases.

Ways to talk with us

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Discovery Call

45 min

Are you looking to improve your CX Maturity? Book a 45-minute call with your Industry experts with a successful track record of implementing and growing CX organizations within global cooperations like Tecan, Bruker, VWR, or Buhler AG. During the call, we’ll share our input on how you can boost CX Maturity. In a short Discovery Audit, we identify critical shortcomings and provide you with countermeasures to improve your experience in the future – Don’t wait – schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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CX Maturity Assessment

If you want to challenge your CX status quo, with Ideas to improve your VOC Program going forward. This assessment will help you understand your overall CX maturity level and determine your performance in key areas like CX Strategy, CX Culture, CX Transformation, and CX Digital Enablement. Explore how you are doing compared to other corporations in your industry and gain valuable insights into your CX strengths and areas for improvement. Don’t wait to take your CX to the next level – request your assessment now.

What you Get:

  • 30 Minutes Discovery Call
  • Standard Maturity Framework
  • CX Maturity Analysis
  • Personal CX Maturity Report
  • 1.5h CX Working Session