The Challenge

The Challenge In the last two years, Life Sciences Manufacturers and Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers faced supply disruptions, regulatory hurdles, and safety challenges. High demand strained resources for Life Sciences, while Manufacturers and Machinery and Equipment dealt with supply chain issues and demand fluctuations.

As recovery progresses, agility remains crucial for those sectors to innovate, satisfy customers, and ensure profitability. In the wake of these challenges, there has been a noticeable uptick in the time spent on non-customer-facing activities.

Our Solution

Our Growth Services are here to help your business overcome resource constraints and improve efficiency across marketing, sales, and service.

Our unique deployment model, Stack-up, allows you to select and stack different use cases from our excellent team of experts. Rather than relying on that one resource-fits-all approach, Stack-up will enable you to SELECT your favored Blueprint and STACK diverse growth services.

Instead of enlisting a solitary superhuman for the task, we equip you with a complete team of subject matter EXPERTS operating directly from one of our growth hubs. You are guided by senior industry experts with years of experience at top companies like Tecan, Bruker AG, Unilever, Buhler AG, and Siemens. They understand your unique roles and challenges, ensuring maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness. This arrangement makes it a seamless SPRINT to navigate and quickly SUSTAIN your Business Operations.

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Why Clients choose Stack-Up

From industry experts for industry experts

+15% productivity due to proven use cases

30% less operating cost vs. internal hire

No lengthy hiring process, time to impact 2 weeks

All members are directly working in one of ecosystem

Your Stack-up is managed by an Industry Expert

Don’t search for Superhumans – Stack-Up.

Companies try to find superhumans with limited budgets and expect mastery in everything from Strategy to Operations to Project Management.

1) We provide you with the right recipe; we call it Blueprints to boost Marketing & Sales Excellence

2) You get an entire team of subject matter experts directly operating from one of our growth Hubs

3) Our Senior Industry Experts drive enablement and plan, monitor, and optimize your dedicated team of subject matter experts

Stack-Up: Elevating Event Engagement & igniting RTF Vials' Success through Strategic Sales Growth Plan!

Medical Device Corporation

Plan Smarter
with Stack-up

Insight Sales Role

USD 102.677 / year

Average Salary of an Insight Sales Rep.

Stack-up Solution

From 49.000 USD / year

  • – 30% Costing
  • 60% Flexible Use Cases
  • + 15% Productivity
  • Industry Expert
  • Standard Blueprints
  • Entire Team vs. Single Resource
1. Select

In our Discovery Audit, we thoroughly examine and identify the critical challenges you are facing in your marketing, sales, and service operations and determine your state of maturity.

We determine the right Blueprint, carefully evaluate existing industry use cases, and explore the possibility of customizing the use cases closer to your specific outsourcing demands.

We develop a comprehensive game plan to address your outsourcing needs effectively.

2. Stack

We understand that addressing complex challenges in a dynamic environment requires more than just one set of expertise. Therefore, we bring together a diverse team of professionals operating from within our CXECOsystem.

To ensure the success of your outsourcing initiative, we pair this team with a Life Science Industry Expert who takes care of program design, implementation, and monitoring.

3. Sprint

We document the process outlines for each selected use case and ensure our team is well-prepared and trained to deliver the job with the defined time and quality standards.

We conduct feasibility assessments and make necessary adjustments to smoothly integrate the outsourcing solution.

Regular monitoring and check-in meetings foster collaboration and ensure efficient progress towards achieving your goals.

4. Scale

Stack-up offers the flexibility to shift priorities or expand to more pressing use cases within your outsourcing assignment.

With our Flexi Model, we ensure rapid adaptation to meet your evolving needs.

From use case definition to routine use, we prioritize efficiency and consider your dynamic business environment, delivering results within 2-3 weeks.


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Are you unsure where to start on your outsourcing journey? Look no further than our Stack-Up Audit. We are here to carefully listen t your outsourcing needs and uncover hidden opportunities for growth. With our comprehensive audit, we pinpoint shortcomings in your marketing, sales, and service operations. We identify critical areas of waste and discover the resources holding you back from reaching your full potential. Our expert team then defines a solid business case linked to the pillars of success.