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Customer experience is the heart of the relationship between a business and its customers. Typically, when people talk about customer experience (CX) they mean traditional marketing, sales and service-related touch points along the customer journey—for example, your client engaging with your website, sales experience, or the return and repair of their essential parts, when executed well, CX investments have yielded good results: better customer retention and acquisition, increased sales and stronger loyalty.

But the world has changed. It’s the new normal, Manufacturer and Life Science cooperation’s needs to transform their business model, to bring customer in the forefront of their thinking. Technology alone will not do the job anymore. According to our research 62%, key decision maker claim that a seamless end 2 end experience is significantly impacting their decision-making weather to buy or repurchase from a brand.

As a result, the way they interact with brands is evolving, and so too is the idea of customer experience. Here, we will explain what customer experience is, how customer experience is impacting your industry today and how a new customer experience strategy can be deployed which is setting you apart from competition.

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What We Do

Are you tired of lackluster customer experiences that fail to impress your clients and leave you lagging behind your competitors? Our Customer Experience Management solution is here to help you create exceptional experiences that set you apart from the rest.

We start by helping you understand your customers better than anyone else, build a clear strategy based on discovery to transform both digital and analog experiences. We'll guide you through deploying the strategy to change the way your customers experience your brand, and ensure you have the right technology infrastructure in place to orchestrate experiences from initial awareness to routine use. And don't worry, you won't have to do it alone!

Our team of industry experts will be there to listen, act, transform, and help you grow closer to the needs of your clients.

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Why our CX Blueprint is the ultimate fit for you.

Successful track record in Life Science and other Manufacturing Industry

Unique and easy to use methodologies and tools

Clear Game plan from discovery to Impact

One - stop solution for Digital and analog Experiences

Understanding your customer
better then ever before


Customer Journey Mapping - Understand your customer better then anyone in the market

Listening to a customer simultaneously on different channels can be overwhelming sometimes. we understand the importance of putting ourselves in the shoes of your customers to anticipate how they might perceive an experience with your brand, products, and services.

We help you to reveal critical customer needs and challenges along their buying journey with you. Our Industry Templates and best practise for Manufacturing Companies in LifeScience, Food Indstry, help you to form a holistic picture from Awareness throughout your After Sales Experience.

Don't settle for a surface-level understanding of your customers, take a deeper dive with Customer Journey Mapping. Set the groundworks for experience innovation today.


Discover the critical Gaps between Customer Expectation and your CX Performance

Getting clarity from your customer about his expectations and how he has experienced the journey with you is critical to centre your organisation closer to the needs of your customer. With our unique research methodology, we anticipate critical gaps between expectation and your brands perfromance, provide you with a clear competitive benchmark. With critical metric as CSAT, TPG and Impact Score we allowing you to fully utalize your discovery with the utmost simplicity.

We combine digital and personal interviews to boost the statistical relevance of your research results. Say goodbye to inaccurate assumptions and partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business.


CX Growth Plan - Set a clear path to drive experience innovation at scale.

Imagine you are a half year in, and your budget is already allocated. Shifting strategic priorities, and freeing up time and resources to address the critical initiatives today is where many CX programs get a big hit. Navigating cooperation successfully through the process to plan and align critical initiatives in sync with strategic planning, is what we do.

Our Growth Plan is centred around discovery, providing you with the tools and expertise needed to summarize, plan, prioritize, and align your CX game plan for increased experience innovation at scale.


Experience Design & Orchestration - Winning analog and digital experiences that set you apart from competition

Timing is crucial when it comes to achieving your CX goals and preventing customer churn. Our CX Experts can support your CX Growth Plan every step of the way - from business case definition and experience mapping, to use case design.

Don't overlook the importance of providing a seamless analog and digital experience at critical customer touch-points. Combining our Growth Services, which have showcased to enhance Customer Experience, paired with Digital Eco-System of our Partners Be-Digital, Transforms us in CX-Eco system powerhouse.


CX Trending & Growth - understand your CX growth path and shift priorities in real-time.

Many companies use different research methodologies that don't allow them to connect the dots between the initial assessment and continuous trend analysis of their corrective measures. With our Continuous Measurement approach, we provide full control by tracking your most critical touchpoints from inquiry to end of life. This allows you to shift priorities in real-time and stay in line with your initial research.

Keep your stakeholders engaged with your initiative and allow them to easily follow progress and understand if you are trending in the right direction, holistically and at any touchpoint along your customer journey.

Unburden your team from heavy daily Voice of Customer operations.

Stack-Up your game.

  • Liberate your team from time-consuming VOC operations
  • Fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and verified SOPs
  • Winning transactional survey templates for your Industry
  • Standard Tech – Stack for fast time to-market
  • Subject matter experts with more than 5 years of experience in your industry

Stack up: Our comprehensive CX Blueprint combined with a Relational Customer Study uncovers critical insights from initial inquiry to order entry.

Innovations for a better world.

Critical challenge of LifeScience
Community Revealed


I want to obtain information and the channels I prefer that are personalized to my needed to elevate my next innovation.

I have submitted my request more then 5 days ago and haven’t heard back from a qualified sales rep. I might exclude this option in my consideration process.


Customer Experience

  • Timely Responses for All Inquiries
  • Reducing Lead Time to First Quote

Tech Stack

  • Complex Product Portfolios Require Efficient Quoting Tools
  • The Need for Pre-qualification Automation


Growth Services

Efficient Pre-Qualification: Streamlining both digital and analog pre-qualification processes, reducing them to a maximum of 48 hours to enhance efficiency and increase effectiveness

Tech Stack

Data-Driven Sales Optimization: CPQ not only speeds up the quoting process but also provides data-driven insights into customer preferences and sales performance. This enables sales teams to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and boost revenue.


AI has moved at an incredible pace in the last few years. Scaling up Transformers has led to remarkable capabilities.

To delve further into what our Industry CX Radar reveals about the challenges your clients face during their buying journey with you, feel free to get in touch with your CX Industry Expert for deeper insights.

To delve further into what our Industry CX Radar reveals about the challenges your clients face during their buying journey with you, feel free to get in touch with your CX Industry Expert for deeper insights.

To delve further into what our Industry CX Radar reveals about the challenges your clients face during their buying journey with you, feel free to get in touch with your CX Industry Expert for deeper insights.

Get started to boost CX Maturity

Video Call

Customer Journey Design Workshop

60 min.

Don’t settle for a surface-level understanding of your customers, take a deeper dive with CJM. Our unique approach helps identify all touchopints of a customer’s journey, their feelings, expectations, and motivations. We uncover any shortcomings in your company’s operations and provide a framework for improvement. Imagine the possibilities of a truly customer-centric business. Partner with CXECO today to unlock your full potential.

What you Get

  • 60 Minutes Discovery Call
  • Standard Industry Template
  • Customisation on CJ to your Business
  • Hacking Session (Adjustment on Top Level)
  • Workshop Introduction (1 Hours)
  • 4x Online Workshop (each up to 1.5 h)
  • Transcription and Workshop Findings
  • Your Personal Customer Journey Map

Video Call

CX Maturity Assessment

4 hours

If you want to challenge your CX status quo, request your personal Customer Experience Maturity Assessment today. This assessment will help you understand your overall CX maturity level and determine your performance in key areas like CX Strategy, CX Culture, CX Transformation, and CX Digital Enablement.

Explore how you are doing compared to other corporations in your industry and gain valuable insights into your CX strengths and areas for improvement. Don’t wait to take your CX to the next level – request your assessment now.

What you Get:

  • 30 Minutes Discovery Call
  • Standard Maturity Framework
  • CX Maturity Analysis
  • Personal CX Maturity Report
  • 1h CX Hacking Session